1. Dress Code. Smart and fashionable, No sportswear hats hoodies trainers etc.
  2. Admission.
    £5 from 9.30 to 10.30 8 pounds after 10.30 pm
  3. Guest list admission rate.
    Complimentary B4 10.30 £5 B4 11.00 pm £8 thereafter.
  4. Over 21’s door policy.
    ID Required for all those under 25.
  5. All entrants must submit to body frisk and a bag or wallet search.
  6. Any persons found to be excessively intoxicated will be escorted off the premises.
  7. Any persons found to be excessively intoxicated attempting to gain admission shall be refused entry.
  8. Management reserve the right to refuse admission. ROAR
  9. Drugs WILL NOT be tolerated under any circumstances and the Police may be informed.
  10. Smoking is only permitted in the designated outside areas only. Anyone found to be smoking anywhere else will be subject to a fine and reported.