inflatable hot tub reviews

There is no feeling that beats the comfort you get when you get to soak your tired body in a hot tub after a long day at work. You do not have to worry about spending a lot of money to get a hot tub at home. Advancements in technology have made it possible for inflatable hot tubs to be available in the market. They enable you to experience this amazing experience in versatile and portable packages that can be used in your backyard, basement or on your vacation. There are quite a number of brands that offer these hot tubs and finding the best one for you would depend on a number of things. The best hot tub for you to have ought to be the one that will fit your budget, meet your own needs and hold up when used repeatedly. In order to get the best model, you should consider checking various inflatable hot tub reviews to guide you in buying the right model.

What to Look Out for

An inflatable hot tub has a relatively simple design. They have an inflatable tub that is made of vinyl or PVC and an external combination that is usually made up of a pump and also a heater unit that controls both the jets and water temperature. They are generally set to use in about 15 or 20 minutes and a majority of them can heat the water overnight to hot temperatures. However, the above are just some general basics concerning inflatable hot tubs and should not be the only factors that form your final decision. You could consider some additional key factors discussed below:


PVC and Layered vinyl is the standard used in making the inflatable hot tubs but most models also reinforce them with nylon or polyester fabrics. They have a proprietary name to denote them and for instance there are manufacturers that refer to them as Fiber-Tech, Tri Tech 3 Layer among others. The structure and design used in making the tub is also important to consider as well as you consider the materials that were used. You ought to consider the hot tubs that have internal vinyl panels that usually make the tub sturdier in order to support you when you lean on it or sit on it. It should also be made from waterproof materials that will be able to protect the hot tub and also insulate it.


Generally all inflatable spas use a top cover that is locking mainly for safety reasons. There are some that use this cover for insulating the tub when it is not being used and also speed up the process of heating the water. The covers are different as there those that usually fit on top like a bottle stopper while others use a foil or foam lining to keep the heat within the hot tub. It would be great to find a cover that is more than just a fabric piece.

Accessories and Warranty
There are some accessories that come with your inflatable hot tub to maintain it and also enhance your experience. You would be looking at certain chemicals, dispensers, test strips and ground mats to protect the tub at the bottom. Most manufacturers offer a 12 month long warranty on these products and it is therefore imperative to look for tubs that come with a longer warranty.
Ensure that you consider various inflatable hot tub reviews in order to get the best inflatable hot tubs to buy.

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