Wearable technology is a critical part of golf course management and a good GPS watch is like a secret weapon, helping you navigate unseen obstacles with ease. Take the case of a dogleg or other potential hazards you are likely to encounter on the course. Once you tee off, you can only tell the yardage or the hazards based merely on what is visible with your naked eye. To ensure that you pick the right one for you, we recommend checking out as many reviews of different devices as you can, such as this Garmin Approach S6 review.

Without a GPS watch, you can only hit your ball and hope to make a good shot. A good GPS watch takes the guesswork out of your game, thereby upping the odds of improving your performance. How do you find the best golf GPS watch when so many models are available in the market. Here’s a low down on the questions you need ask when selecting a GPS watch.

  1. How long does the battery last?

Does the battery require constant recharging? If so, you are likely to have more downtime. Moreover, if the battery takes a long duration to charge, chances are your gadget might let you down on a big day.

If you are an avid golfer, then consider buying a GPS watch whose battery offers plenty of time on the greens so you can maximize its use. Consider the number of holes you’re likely to play on a given day vis-a-vis battery runtime.

  1. What features does the GPS watch offer?

Would you like hole-to-hole previews or are you the type of person who fancies carrying out a post-game analysis to gauge your performance? Are aesthetics or ease of use important considerations? Want aerial shots of upcoming holes? Does the watch offer versatility so you can pin it on your belt or anywhere else besides wearing it on the wrist? Go for a device that covers all your bases.

Modern golf GPS watches come with loads of bells and whistles to match your needs or interests. Check out the list of features a gadget offers to find the perfect companion on the course. For instance, a GPS watch with an odometer helps you keep tabs on the distance you’ve trudged or the calories burnt.

  1. Which courses does the GPS watch cover?

Course coverage is an important criterion in selecting the best golf GPS watch. Most watches come with pre-loaded courses, while others let you download more. If you are constantly on the road and playing on new courses, the ability to view your layups in advance can significantly enhance your game.

Some devices allow you to add features such as new hazards or bunkers along a new course, which help you navigate the greens. The watch should also have an easy to use interface so you can focus on your game as opposed to fiddling with the device.

  1. What is the overall cost of owning the device?

Does the GPS watch you select fit your budget? While the price point is a significant aspect to consider, do not negate the quality of the device. Ensure the watch you opt for delivers long-term value. Generally, the best golf watch should be from a reputable brand, which lets you deal with a company with a good track record.

Is the watch tied to an annual manufacturer subscription? Some gadgets come bundled with membership fees while others are available at a one-off purchase price. Overall, consider the inherent cost of owning the gadget over its life.

Choosing the best golf GPS watch may not be a walk in the park for everyone. Ideally, choose a device that offers the features that fit your needs. The watch should be easy to operate and offer longevity, allowing it to withstand regular use.…

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