When people think about decorating their walls, the first thing that usually comes to mind would be a painting or decorative mirror of sorts. People also opt to hang sconces, family portraits, and shelving where standing objects can be displayed. Another type of wall art that is making a comeback from past centuries is the wall hanging, also known as the tapestry. There is a form of textile art and are either hand woven or woven on a loom.

Below are ways of how art improves your home.

1. Arts creates an atmosphere of reverence.

Art in the form of pictures and other objects is designed to create various impressions and moods. Restaurants, bars, bowling alleys along with churches, schools, and museums all display art according to the ambiance they wish to create. Fine art shop is designed to create a reverent atmosphere.

2. Promotes faith strengthening discussions with children.

Young children are drawn to pictures, especially those of the Savior. When a child looks at pictures of the Savior, Prophets, or someone praying, you have an excellent opportunity to teach them important truths.

3. They reinforce sound moral principles.

People are much more likely to follow counsel if they see it being practiced. You and your children are more liable to practice ethical principles if your home contains art reflecting those principles.

4. They provide a calming influence in stressful situations.

When painful feelings and situations arise, looking at calming beautiful art can help diffuse negative emotions and encourage the resolution to a conflict.

5. Opens the door for sharing your faith.

People notice pictures displayed in others’ homes. If someone comments on a piece of fine art, you have an excellent opportunity to explain why it means something to you and what it represents.

6. Reminds youth and young adults the principles they have been taught.

Teenagers and young adults are away from home often with school and other activities. Seeing fine art in their home helps them remember to behave according to what they have been taught in their home.

7. Arts provide hope in troubled times.

When life becomes discouraging, and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, fine art provides a reminder that you don’t have to go through life alone, and there are hope and the possibility of happiness.

8. Reminds us to be good whether or not others can see.

When home alone, it is easy to think it doesn’t matter what you do because others don’t see you. Seeing a piece of fine art reminds you that nothing goes unseen and even the smallest actions can have a great impact.

9. Fine Arts brings Beauty into the home.

Fine art is beautiful not only because of the way it is painted or captured, but because the subject matter celebrates the beautiful things in life, such as family, love, and goodness.

10. Encourages everyone to come closer to the Savior.

Fine arts should always evoke an emotional response and create an environment that you will enjoy for years to come. Above all, it is important that the fine art pieces you choose for your home or office reflect your taste.…

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